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daisuki Chinen

loving HSJ makes me inspire

watashi no namae Megumi-chan desu =]
14 sai
my real name is Megumi Inoue =]
you can call me:
I'm a half Japanese half Chinese but i grew up here in the Philippines
birthday: November 30,1994
birthplace: Hamamatsu[Higashi-ku],Shizuoka,Japan
location: Philippines
in Japan we have 6 houses there[Tokyo,Hamamatsu,Chiba,Kanagawa,Yokohama & Osaka]... but we usually stay in Tokyo,Hamamatsu and also to the place where in Japan was called the Tokyo Metropolitan Area(Kanagawa & Chiba) =]

sometimes I'm like a crazy girl =]
addicted to JKCpop esp. Jpop =]
love to dance
love to sing
love to make fan fictions
love to go anywhere with my friends
love editing pictures =]
love to use all my gadgets lolx

foods: sushi,gyoza,sashimi,takuyaki,ramen,tempura,wasabi,rice
subject:history,PE,foreign language,computer,CLE,math
subject:[a little bit]English&lit.,Filipino,science,e-math

i'm addicted to 知念侑李 =]
very addict...
=i collect HSJ or JE stuffs like...
magazines,HP straps,uchiwa,photobooks,photoset,cds/dvs,clippings,towels,shopping bags,penlight,lunchbox,tumbler,clearfile,... and any concert goods of the JE esp. HSJ...
=i also love going to JE concert esp. HSJ..
=i'm always going to HSJ concerts...
even their debut concert...[that's why i'm allways absent in our school] lolx
=i'm always updating my profiles because of CHiNEN
=I love CHiNEN because his kawaii...
=i always buy their concert tickets w/ a backstage pass & a VIP sits =]]
=i love to stay in japan & korea every vacation
=i first know the HSJ because of my nee-chan but i already know YURi,YAMADA,YUTO,ARiOKA,YUYA since they're still HS7
=all of my friends are addicted to JE esp. HSJ
=i already want to live in japan but i still want to continue my studies here =[[[
=YURi CHiNEN inspires me to study very well
=he's my weakness =[