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Umika Kawashima's Blog [October 21, 2009]
you're my chinen
川島 海荷オフィシャルブログ-Image2001.jpg

川島 海荷オフィシャルブログ-Image2021.jpg

Today the [a] ゜+ which is photographed at such a place.(*′∇`)。+゜
 what it combines, ~
 cliff (∩∇ `)
 so.Going to the vicinity of the sea, it photographed with the cliff, it is!
Therefore kana - w (°O°) going to the edge of the [ri] cliff w
 absurd .........
Fearful even (´ω `)
 laughing view being too clean, to be impressed, [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] ......
So from after “the cod being dangerous considered as the distance, it was fearful”, that it was said to the staff.
If now it tries thinking certainly,…(゜_゜) (._。Whether
) it is dangerous even with
 the ♪ it became the experience just a little thrill may be*
 It was pleasant!
Today is to end quickly when and, you return home, the oak and others ♪

○● which will do what to bear the ●○

○●Umika (´ω `)●○


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