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Umika Kawashima's blog [October 23,2009]
you're my chinen
川島 海荷オフィシャルブログ-200906071958001.jpg

We would like to informing everyone accumulating, Sawayama it increased (´ω `)
 to be, you write on the [tsu] coming, but it does not inhale.
So color it is by all means in one we want seeing, the [tsu] which is!!!!
* The digital photo book “you bear, in the midst of camera” sale!
It is [repurodejitarukontentsusutoa] limitation sale.
Becoming something which itself photographed with my point of view, it increases!
Color it is in the place going to play, enjoying, such a form of the [ru] ♪ being taken, furthermore, my handwritten [rakugaki] writing restlessly, it is, in the photograph which it increases (^ω^)…What is thought suddenly writing, it is, ......
It accesses ♪ [repurodejitarukontentsusutoa] ( which
 you think that it became the work which it can enjoy!

* Kawasima sea load [toredeingukado] ““Days 12/12 sale decisions whether to bear,”!
In reservation acceptance!
There is the present in the one which you reserve up to 10/25.
As for details check please do the Sakura hall (
Thinking, making [toreka] sell which you did not see, it came to the point of receiving!!!! [wa] [a] (o^∀^o) by his becomes the card, as many as…It is strange.
So as for completion to see still, because there is no [re] [te], it enjoys, the [i]*
 Everyone in pleasure…(//∀//)
 in the midst of ★2010 poster calendar and desk-top photo
 calendar reservation acceptance!
As many as, or as for at 2010 - the [tsu] it produces the poster calendar and the [tsu] w (°O°) which the [chi] [ya] is w
 always color is one doing, the [te] bookstore lining up well, it is the [ru] person, nothing during
 [o] ~♪ year 休, the calendar… of by yourself
What kind of you feel and is what the [ro]… which
So also with!!!! One year Chubu house the [tsu] [te] [te] giving, the cod, the [chi] [yo] - it is delightful, is, REPT (´▽ `)/the [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] you are impressed and the [chi] [ya] are.
By all means, the ♪ which the room we want decorating, is checking, don't you think? it is (≧ω≦)
 with with the [wa]*
 The ○● you bear the ●○ 

○● Umika●○ 


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